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The New Fairy Tail - Part 10
Jay, who was trying to uphold three conversations at once, froze. The connection with the others broke as he tried to figure out what happened, or rather, tried to figure out a truth that would deny everything that just happened.
Meanwhile in that corridor, life slowly returned to Isabelle and Rachel as the full reality of what just happened finally got through to them. Their shock turned to anger, but quickly back to shock – for Rachel at least. Isabelle remained furious, trembling slightly as she tried to focus on what to do with that anger. She decided to throw it all out. At Rene. At the grinning monster that just murdered her brother before her eyes. The fort started to tremble as her rage built up, expanding the limits of her magic tenfold. Rachel could sense it. The raging bomb of pure magic that was about to go off. Rene could sense it too, his grin disappearing as he noticed the cracks that were appearing in the floor, walls and ceiling.
Then, with a soul-piercing scream
:iconmugiwaranomaxi:MugiwaraNoMaxi 1 0
The New Fairy Tail - part 9
The next morning the girls were certain that something had happened to Kyle and Matt. It made them anxious, knowing that there was nothing they could do. “I love a good fight, but it seems we got lucky that they haven't come looking for us yet,” Rachel said.
“They who?” Krystal asked.
“Black Lion, obviously,” Rachel said, “we're clearly in their territory, and we should get the hell out of here.”
“And just abandon Kyle and Matt?!” Isabelle asked.
“Matt is a pretty strong guy, and if they can overpower him so easily then surely they can get to us too,” Rachel said.
“But we don't even know for sure that happened!” Isabelle argued.
“She's right though,” Krystal said, “Matt isn't the type to just get lost in the woods. We best assume that somethin’ happened.”
“But what do we do about it?” Isabelle asked. Rachel sighed. “I hate to admit it, b
:iconmugiwaranomaxi:MugiwaraNoMaxi 2 0
Rachel: Chapter Fourteen
Rachel: Chapter fourteen
       Sophie continues holding Ace as he seemed to sleep peacefully, resting on her lap. She just stared down at the mask she desperately wanted to rip off of his face, but Jay advised her it wouldn’t be safe. She did her best to resist the urge to run her fingers through his hair and along his face. She wanted to make him feel completely safe. Completely at home. Maybe just holding him in her arms was enough. Maxi and Jay sat side by side next to Sophie and Ace. They were holding each other's hands, not wanting to move or go anywhere. They all just wanted to enjoy each other's company. They missed it so much.
Ace’s head slowly shifted a little and his head lifted. Sophie looked down at him as he began sniffing the air.
“What is it?” She asked.
He suddenly let out a whimper and began shaking his head. His pushed himself back into Sophie, trying to curl up in her embrace again. She wrapped her arms around him,
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Commission: Character Emotes :iconhozure:Hozure 276 7 Dovahkiin in Daedric Armor from TES: Skyrim 4 :iconstrikingcosplay:StrikingCosplay 10 0 Dragonborn :iconladyadriela:LadyAdriela 5 31 Corrupted Dragonknight Dorahk Bloodlust OC File. :iconcommandernova808:CommanderNova808 19 1 Charlie :iconkonnosatsuki:KonnoSatsuki 18 5 Commission - Jacob Frye :iconnicsass:NicSass 50 3 Raven (ElSword) :iconinualet:inualet 104 1 Angelic Valla armor concept color :iconcarlinx:carlinx 7 4 Zetabrand :iconkonnosatsuki:KonnoSatsuki 45 20 Kincokyu Species :icone-xdivision:E-XDivision 9 23 Wip of Pirate Ex :icone-xdivision:E-XDivision 14 18 Eve - Ref :icondindanda:DindaNda 27 32 |PC|Soni The Porcupine :icondindanda:DindaNda 408 65



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[FT-OC] Hikaru Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr [FT-OC] Haili Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr
[FT-OC] Maxi Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr [FT-OC] Sophie Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr

I'm 18 years old and I've been on DA for over 2 years now. I'd just like to say a few thanks to 3 special people who have become my best friends on DA and I hope to make lots of artwork of Fairy Tail with them. ^_^


I like to play Elsword too and I'm on quite often so come add me if you like ^^
Elsword Stamp by DeathByDarkness

Transcendent Reckless Fist Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ShinigAnubis [Elsword] Reckless Fist costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Veteran Commander Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ElphinZephyr [Elsword] Veteran Commander STEAM Hero by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Tactical Trooper Berserk Mode Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ProfessorQ [Elsword] Tactical Trooper costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Mastermind Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: LostSanity [Elsword] MasterMind costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Lord Knight Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: SuchBladez [Elsword] Lord Knight costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Iron Paladin Berserk Mode Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: Mash2Win [Elsword] Iron Paladin costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Grand Archer Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: FuryStrife [Elsword] Grand Archer costume by Elphin-Zephyr

Check out my RHG character, Eaze on Hyun's Dojo:

Hope you guys enjoy my page! Will be uploading stuff relatively often. XD
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