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Lano Visualizer - Highly configurable visualizer by MarcoPixel Lano Visualizer - Highly configurable visualizer :iconmarcopixel:MarcoPixel 514 206 Kanohi Collage 13 by MrCod Kanohi Collage 13 :iconmrcod:MrCod 43 2
Rachel: Epologue
Rachel: Epologue
   Rachel walked along the rocky path with her hood drawn. It had started to rain a few minutes ago and had only increased in the passing seconds. All she had with her were her clothes, magic, and a small bag of food she had stolen from a town she had passed through an hour before.
   There was a crack of thunder that rolled through the hill tops and she stopped. The rain picked up even more and she could feel the cold water leak down her back over the black Fairy Tail guild mark she had forcefully scratched at with a knife many years ago. She could feel the water catch in the scar marks and trickle down them unevenly. She wasn’t sure why but she felt the sudden urge to cry. Her father was the one that helped her get the tattoo when she was three. Without changing expressions, a tear left her right eye and trickled down her cheek. The second roar of thunder brought her back to reality and she quickly wiped away the tear.
:icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 1 0
Rachel: Chapter Seventeen
Rachel: Chapter seventeen
"The End"
  There was a bright light at first. She had to blink a few times before the light slowly showed itself to be a hanging lamp.
   She slowly turned her head to see Lisa beaming down at her. She stared at her for a long moment, blinked a few times then spoke, “...Lisa?” Her voice was thick and rough, “Where are we?” She asked looking around.
   “The nearest hospital we could find. How do you feel?”
   She tried to sit up, Lisa helped her. She winced a little, grabbing her side, “Awful.”
   Lisa smiled, “Better than dead.”
   Elianna took another look around, realizing they were alone, “Where are the others? Are they alright? Is Haili-”
   “Calm down, yes they are all okay. Haili is in the room next door and she is going to be fine.”
   Elianna droppe
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3D Commissions

Yes, it's here, after many, many requests, I think I'm ready to give this a try. Do you want your own 3D Printed Custom Mask designed by me? Have you ever wanted to hold something you've been drawing on paper for months to complete your self-MOC? Trust me, there is nothing like that feeling, and now, I can make it a reality for you.
Why Now?
Well, as I mentioned in a previous note, I'm currently looking for a summer job to prepare for college in the fall. Frankly, I haven't had much luck yet and my bank account won't last much longer. Plus, school is over for now and I'm finishing up what projects and commissions I had going. So I've got some spare time and a need for cash, so let's do this.
What can I order?
While I am primarily a mask forger, I'm willing to branch out into weapons and custom parts this time around. Kanohi, staff heads, chestplates, they're all fair game. With my last few designs, I've also got
:icon0nuku:0nuku 5 29
Commission: Makuta Blackwing by 0nuku Commission: Makuta Blackwing :icon0nuku:0nuku 37 14 Rahelle and Haili - young by 6stringRaven Rahelle and Haili - young :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 4 0 Fay - The Giant Killer by 6stringRaven Fay - The Giant Killer :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 3 0
Rachel: Chapter Sixteen
Rachel: Chapter sixteen
"The Battle"
   Hikaru jumped a little, sitting up from his resting position beside Wendy. The elemental attack he had used on Garth had taken a lot out of him. Sophie, who was still unconscious, was resting with her head on Maxi’s lap. Ace was curled up next to her like a dog, and Jay was sitting beside Maxi looking down at the two while they rested. He was still a little shaken up from the pain Garth inflicted on him, but with Maxi gently holding his hand most of it subsided.
   “Hikaru?” Maxi asked, seeing the young mage’s sudden look of dread, “What’s wrong?”
   He hesitated, staring at the ground as if trying to focus on something, “I...I don’t know...but I feel like something isn’t right.”
   A loud scream echoed off in the distance and all eyes darted toward where Haili and Elianna raced off to. Hikaru immediately jumped to his fe
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Team Elements - Team now, friends forever by 6stringRaven Team Elements - Team now, friends forever :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 5 0 Yupia X Hyun's Dojo by MXninjaXM Yupia X Hyun's Dojo :iconmxninjaxm:MXninjaXM 25 4 Mai Xiro by MXninjaXM Mai Xiro :iconmxninjaxm:MXninjaXM 6 4 Detox Roar by BioRockDude Detox Roar :iconbiorockdude:BioRockDude 69 19 Molag Bal knight by Tokami-Fuko Molag Bal knight :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 42 28 XPS TES V mods: TERA's Highelf  male robe by Tokami-Fuko XPS TES V mods: TERA's Highelf male robe :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 113 66 XPS TERA: armor zzterah 21 by Tokami-Fuko XPS TERA: armor zzterah 21 :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 26 20


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[FT-OC] Hikaru Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr [FT-OC] Haili Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr
[FT-OC] Maxi Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr [FT-OC] Sophie Finger Swing by Elphin-Zephyr

I'm 19 years old and I've been on DA for over 3 years now. I'd just like to say a few thanks to 3 special people who have become my best friends on DA and I hope to make lots of artwork of Fairy Tail with them. ^_^


I like to play Elsword too and I'm on quite often so come add me if you like ^^
Elsword Stamp by DeathByDarkness

Transcendent Reckless Fist Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ShinigAnubis [Elsword] Reckless Fist costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Veteran Commander Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ElphinZephyr [Elsword] Veteran Commander STEAM Hero by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Tactical Trooper Berserk Mode Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: ProfessorQ [Elsword] Tactical Trooper costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Mastermind Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: LostSanity [Elsword] MasterMind costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Lord Knight Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: SuchBladez [Elsword] Lord Knight costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Iron Paladin Berserk Mode Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: Mash2Win [Elsword] Iron Paladin costume by Elphin-Zephyr
Transcendent Grand Archer Stamp by SimlishBaconIGN: FuryStrife [Elsword] Grand Archer costume by Elphin-Zephyr

Check out my RHG character, Eaze on Hyun's Dojo:

Hope you guys enjoy my page! Will be uploading stuff relatively often. XD
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